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NAWB Professional Development

Tools and Competencies to Drive Workforce Development Excellence

NAWB’s professional development opportunities help workforce professionals address the needs of businesses, career seekers, and local economies to build the competitive capacity of their regions by providing access to tools and educational events that increase professional competencies.

Our Professional Development Opportunities

Partnership with Cengage Learning

NAWB’s partnership with Cengage Learning provides NAWB members and workforce affiliates with a series of workforce-specific learning tools at a reduced rate. Through the partnership, Cengage offers online courses, career training, and career transition assistance to NAWB members and the job-seekers they serve.

For Directors: Training courses build out key competencies to help meet the leadership demands of the new WIOA legislation. These include: increased proficiency related to business/nonprofit management; data interpretation and analysis; partnership and team-building; communications; public speaking; and fundraising efforts.

For Job-seekers: Tools and training across the entire Workforce Development pathway help job seekers gain skills, credentials and certifications that lead to jobs.

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